At Kusumgar, we don’t set a limit to our vision. We are driven by the mission of offering world-class technical material solutions through continuous innovation and customer centricity.


In 1970, our founder Mr. Yogesh Kusumgar realised that there was a growing need for specialty technical fabrics in an industry focused on conventional products. He started small, while thinking big with a clear goal: to meet the ever-changing and challenging needs of his customers. Over the years, Kusumgar built a wide array of products catering to a diverse set of applications.

The legacy has been nurtured and carried forward by his son, Mr. Siddharth Kusumgar.

Kusumgar has been at the forefront of indigenisation of technical fabrics, bringing world-class technologies to India. We are also a globally recognised solutions provider exporting all over the world.

We continue to strive towards extending the frontiers of innovation in material science.


At Kusumgar, we don’t set a limit to our vision. We are driven by the central mission of offering world class technical material solutions through continuous innovation and customer centricity. The organisation was founded on this mission and stays true to it.

“Our actions are driven by the following core values”

We are unusual. We are pioneers. We look beyond the horizon. We think out of the box and come up with solutions to complex problems.

We honour our word. We have strong moral principles and good conduct. We are role models. We are trustworthy.

We take responsibility for our actions. We strive for healthy relationships with all stakeholders. We respect everyone’s opinions and ideas. We work as a team.

We have a growth mindset. We look ahead. We welcome change. We are curious. We are always learning. We experiment and are not afraid to fail.

Committed to

At Kusumgar, all our values are rooted in respect. Respect for our employees, our clients, our partners, and the environment around us. In our quest for excellence, it has been our conscious effort to align with the global standards in sustainability by applying eco-friendly methodologies across all our processes. Our initiatives include:

We have maximum utilisation of green sources of energy – both solar and biomass across our locations.

We work with NGOs to support girl child education and local hospitals to provide medical facilities.

We support our employees in need and provide scholarships for their children's education.

We believe that good business and good citizenship are one and the same. Our values and actions ensure happy employees, customers and stakeholders, which in turn makes for a successful sustainable business.

Innovating to

We are a customised solutions company and believe in developing as per customer specifications. Our approach to a request is to conduct a thorough analysis of specifications and samples, plan for a prototype, and develop and conduct trials internally as well as with customers. On approval, we proceed with gradual commercialisation. Our systematic approach ensures that the development process is collaborative with the customer and allows for minimal failures.

Our capabilities extend across weaving, finishing, coating and lamination, and this integrated setup allows us greater control over quality and delivery. We have driven select forward integration for higher value addition to our product range.

We have undergone an expansion of our capabilities from weaving and finishing to coating and lamination. This successful transition has given us confidence to ascend to the next level and explore more new materials and technologies. Today, we are recognised as a manufacturer of specialised textiles, a knowledge provider and total solutions consultant in the technical textiles industry.

Partners and

Over the years, Kusumgar has scouted the market for the finest technologies, which can be easily adopted in India, and forged relationships with like-minded associates and partners to discover and develop new products and processes to enable innovation. The company has also set up joint ventures and entered into long-term agreements with many reputed companies in India and abroad.