Outdoor Fabrics

Kusumgar’s outdoor fabrics have been conquering challenges and spreading happiness for many years. Critical and versatile, these are used in the clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Brands of high-risk outdoor equipment such as paragliders and hot air balloons rely extensively on our fabrics to keep people not only flying high, but also safe. Use of special finishes for polyester and polyamide fabrics makes them safer and suitable for extreme climates. Thus becoming the preferred choice for tents and sleeping bags.

Fabric Features

All our outdoor fabrics are available in different colors and weave as per the latest market trends. From plain rip-stops to complex dobby designs, the fabrics can be designed based on the specific needs.

Light Weight
UV Protection
High Strength
Heat Resistant
Fire Retardent
Low Stretch
Tear Resistant
Abrasion Resistance

Key Applications

Outdoor Clothing

High Altitude Clothing

Personal Gear