Aeronautical Fabrics

Kusumgar has established itself as a trusted and longstanding partner to the aeronautical industry worldwide. We specialize in providing high-performance aeronautical fabrics that meet rigorous quality and design requirements for various applications.

Fabric Features

At Kusumgar, we understand the importance of reliability and safety in the aeronautical industry. Therefore, we prioritize delivering high-quality fabrics that meet and exceed industry standards. Trust us to provide you with the best-in-class aeronautical fabrics that are engineered to perform in even the most challenging conditions. Our fabrics range from 15D to 210D and are made from Polyamide 66 High Tenacity yarns, which are combined with specialty finishes and coatings for various critical applications.

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Light Weight
UV Protection
High Strength
Heat Resistant
Fire Retardent
Low Stretch
Tear Resistant
Abrasion Resistance

Key Applications



Hot Air Balloon