The right textile needs the right kind of infrastructure.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Gujarat across three locations. In these locations, we have 300+ emloyees and produce more than 2.5 million metres of techinical fabrics and textiles per month.

Our capabilities extend across weaving, finishing, coating and lamination, and this integrated setup allows us greater control over quality and delivery. We have driven select forward integration for higher value addition to our product range.

Our weaving facilities include Water-jet and Rapier looms, weaving fabrics from 15D to 3000D yarns. We primarily work with nylon 6, nylon 66, polyester, aramids and other synthetic yarns and blends.

Our finishing plant is equipped with facilities for scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing, heat setting and calendaring. We provide various finishes: water-resistant (WR), durable WR, flame-retardant, anti-fungal, anti-Microbial, silicone, anti-static, anti-odour, and moisture management etc.

Coating and laminating are an essential part of highly functional and technical textile developments and our coating and lamination unit can work with several polymers: urethanes, silicones, vinyl, acrylics, and TPU amongst others.

Welcome to our Research & Development hub, where innovation meets progress. At Kusumgar, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, technology, and creativity to shape a better future for technical textile. Various development with respect to customer specification and market demand.

We have a comprehensive testing and development laboratory that performs thorough evaluations of all the physical, chemical and performance parameters. All our fabrics undergo stringent quality checks, monitored by an online ERP system at each stage, to make sure you get your desired product consistently.

Quality Objectives
- Cost optimization ensuring quality.
- To fulfil delivery Commitments.
- Improvement in addressing customer complaints.
- Improvement in manufacturing defects / reprocess.
- Maintaining accident free safe working environment.
- Ensuring optimum and continual training.
- To continuously work on improving customer satisfaction index.

How we do what we do

Kusumgar is a customised solutions company, because of which, we believe in developing as per customer specifications.

Our approach to a request is to conduct a thorough analysis of specifications and samples, plan for a prototype, and develop and conduct trials internally as well as with customers. On approval, we proceed with gradual commercialisation. Our systematic approach ensures that the development process is collaborative with the customer and allows for minimal failures.

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