“To boldly go
where no man
has gone before”

Product range

Kusumgar has proven credentials in the arena of specialized textiles with a comprehensive range of textiles for a wide spectrum of applications.

Our range of applications include:


Our manufacturing facilities are located in the state of Gujarat across three locations. We have a team of 300+ employees across our weaving, process and coating/lamination units. We produce more than 2Mn meters per month.

Our weaving facilities include Water-jet and Rapier looms, weaving fabrics from15D to 3000D yarns. We primarily work with nylon 6, nylon 66, polyester, aramids and other synthetic yarns and blends. Our finishing plant is equipped with facilities for scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing, heat setting and calendaring. We provide various finishes: Water resistant (WR), Durable WR, Flame retardant, Anti-fungal, Anti-Microbial, Silicone, Anti-static, Anti-odour, and Moisture management etc.

Our coating and lamination unit can work with several polymers: urethanes, silicones, vinyls, acrylics, TPU amongst others.

Testing &

We have a comprehensive testing and development laboratory that performs thorough evaluations of all the physical, chemical and performance parameters. All our fabrics undergo stringent quality checks, monitored by an online ERP system at each stage, to make sure you get your desired product consistently.

Credentials and

In its journey of ‘inventing’ the industry of technical textiles in India, Kusumgar has faced many challenges. Over the years and decades, we have perfected numerous technologies and processes, raising the bar and benchmarks in the industry. These not merely provide an undisputable edge over the competition and delight for our customers, but also won us many accolades.


Awards and accolades