Kusumgar’s outdoor fabrics have been conquering challenges and spreading happiness for many years. Critical and versatile, these are used in the clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brands of high-risk outdoor equipment such as paragliders and hot air balloons rely extensively on our fabrics to keep people not only flying high, but also safe. Use of special finishes for polyester and polyamide fabrics makes them safer and suitable for extreme climates. Thus becoming the preferred choice for tents and sleeping bags.

All our fabrics are available in different colors and weave as per the latest market trends. From plain rip-stops to complex dobby designs, the fabrics can be designed based on the specific needs.

Our range of outdoor fabrics are used for:

  • Outdoor clothing
  • High altitude clothing
  • Personal gear
  • Speciality solutions

Outdoor clothing

Our outdoor clothing fabrics provide superior comfort from soft hand feel and functional finishes like moisture management, water repellency etc. The base fabrics are made using polyester or nylon which become the perfect choice for apparel like track pants, shorts, windbreaker jackets, quilted jackets and rainwear.

High altitude clothing

Our range of lightweight polyamide and polyester fabrics ranging from 20D to 160D are reinforced with special finishes, coating & lamination for robust outer shells and inner linings. These fabrics protect the wearer from extreme cold conditions like rain/snow while providing breathability. Our lightweight, feather touch 20D nylon fabrics are suitable for making down-proof jackets.

Personal gear

Our portfolio of specialised personal gear includes:

  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags


We supply tent fabrics in nylon and polyester as a base fabric integrated with our speciality finish. What you get is a strong, waterproof, breathable and flexible high-performance fabric, prone to less shrinkage, ready to face extreme weather conditions.


Our fabrics used in backpacks/rucksacks are treated with specialised finishes to provide the best waterproofing, abrasion resistance and durability for to enhanced product life. From ultra-lightweight backpacks of 30D Nylon fabric to the heavy-duty rucksacks of 1000D Cordura, we have a wide range of fabrics to match your needs.

Sleeping bags

We provide an innovative range of shell and lining fabrics giving a blend of comfort with high performance and durable life to sleeping bags. Our breathable fabrics with high tear-strength and abrasion resistance are the perfect choice for all-season sleeping bags.

Speciality solutions

Parasolis: Our range of ultra-durable, strong, and forever fresh fabrics provides the ultimate protection from various weather conditions including the heavy rains and extreme UV exposure. Available in various colours & designs these fabrics provide the ultimate light fastness to sunlight, rubbing etc. and provide your awnings, sun umbrellas and camping furniture, a new look for years

Cordura: CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics are both strong and versatile, great for combating the daily grind to surviving some of the world’s toughest environments. We challenge the definition of fabric with advanced solutions that help protect against tears, scuffs, and abrasions.